Haralson County Water Authority
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Haralson County Water Authority

The Haralson Water Authority was created by the State of Georgia in 1971 to allow the Authority to acquire and maintain self liquidating projects embracing sources of water supply and the distribution and sale of water and other related facilities to individuals, public and private corporations and municipal corporations and for other purposes. Haralson County is located in northwest Georgia, on the border with Alabama and covers 282 square miles. The County population is approximately 28,400.

The Authority is governed by a Board with four members appointed by the County and one member from each City served by the Authority. The General Manager is responsible for the day to day operations of the Authority.

The Authority’s primary source of water is the Tallapoosa River. The Authority is allowed to withdraw 3.75 million gallons daily from the river. The Authority also purchases water from Anniston Water Works. Under the current agreement, the Authority is guaranteed 500,000 gallons will be available daily. The Authority also leases two wells which can provide up to 820,000 gallons daily.

The Authority has over $24 million (net of accumulated depreciation) invested in capital assets. The Authority’s administrative office is located in Buchanan, GA and the water treatment plant is located in Tallapoosa, GA. The system has over 375 miles of mainline infrastructure. The Authority currently serves approximately 4,200 customers and provides water to the cities of Bremen, Tallapoosa, Buchanan and Waco on a wholesale basis.